After Thea gets arrested for driving under the influence of narcotics, Oliver dons his Hood and goes after a drug dealer that goes by the name of The Count. The Judge decides to bring Thea to trial instead of a plea agreement as previously arranged, wanting to make Thea the poster child for people interested in taking Vertigo.

In Oliver’s flashbacks, he confronts Yao Fei for leading him to the slaughter. Fei brings Oliver out of his cage to fight him, and fakes his death in front of Fyers to help him escape. Fei gives Oliver a map of the island, with directions on how to get somewhere on it.

Oliver reaches out to the Bratva in an attempt to meet the Count, pretending to be interested in making a investment in pharmaceuticals. Oliver kills someone to prove his allegiance to the Bratva, and quickly has a meeting with the Count to discuss his investment. During Oliver’s meet with the Count, the police attempt to break up the meet and Oliver is stabbed by the Count with concentrated levels of Vertigo.

Oliver also reaches out to Laurel to get some leniency in Thea’s case, managing to get her a plea deal that Thea promptly turns down. Afterwards, Thea finally accepts the plea bargain and begins to volunteer at Laurel’s work to do community service work.

After waking up from an overdose, which Diggle used magical urbs to safe Oliver from dying from the overdose, and Oliver later analyzes the drug to find out where the Count is making it. Oliver gives the drug to Felicity, who figures out specifically for where the Count is creating Vertigo. With the drug still in his system, Diggle convinces Oliver to not go out with his bow.

Oliver injects the Count with concentrated amounts of Vertigo, just as the police arrive.

Felcity shares with Oliver who created the list of names that she uncovered for Walter, and that Moira was the one who created the list.