Quintin ‘Q’ Jacobsen believes that people get one major miracle in their life, and his just happens to be that his neighbour just happens to be the legendary Margo Roth Spiegelman. They became friends when Margo had first moved in when they were younger, but slowly grew apart until they were practically strangers.

But, Q still has feelings for Margo.

One night, around the end of their high school careers, Margo climbs into Q’s window and asks him for help. She has a 9 part plan, and most of it includes needing a get away driver. After some convincing, Q agrees to help Margo and the pair set off. It turns out to be a all night, 9 part revenge plot against her friends that have wronged her.

Q hopes that things will be different after their adventure, though it seems that Margo has gone missing. The rumours begins to spread, as this isn’t the first time that Margot has disappeared, though this time she decides to leave clues for Quintin. With the help of his friends, Ben and Radar, Q figures out that Margo is in a Paper Town in New York by the name of Algoe. The trio head off, with Radar’s girlfriend, Angela, and Margo’s friend, Lacey, to find her and bring her home in time for Prom.

After a whirlwind of a drive, Margo isn’t where Q thought she would be. He refuses to leave Algoe, and eventually finds Margo. She admits that she left the clues to let Q know she’s alright, and he also realizes that he isn’t in love with Margo and she isn’t his miracle. Q’s miracle are his friends, and the time they had together. The boring days, the road trip, and the time in between. Making Margot his miracle was turning her into an object, and the love he had for her wasn’t taking into account the real Margo.

It was just the Margo that Q had dreamed up.