Episode-1-13-Betrayal-arrow-cw-33425744-1200-799Oliver confronts his mother about the list of names that Felicity gave him, which has all of the names that the list his father gave him does. She denies any knowledge of the list of names, and makes him promise to stop looking into the list of names. Diggle doesn’t believe Moira, and he decides to look into her daily activities. Through his spying, Diggle and Oliver find out that Moira knew that Oliver’s dad yacht had been sabotaged.

During more flashbacks from his time on the island, Oliver meets Australin Intelligence operative, Slade Wilson, after Yao Fei Oliver his hide out coordinates. After realizing that he can teach Oliver to fight, the pair team up to save Yao Fei.

After she finds out that Cyrus Vanch is out of jail on a technicality, Laurel reaches out to the vigilante to look into him. Oliver visits Vanch as the Hood, and gives Laurel evidence that Vanch will be participating in criminal activity. Vanch finds out about the exchange between the Hood and Laurel, and kidnaps Laurel.

Vanch plans to kill the Hood, which would allow him to take leadership of the city’s gangs. Oliver, as the vigilante, teams up with Detective Lance to save Laurel. Oliver stops Laurel’s dad from killing Vanch as revenge for kidnapping Laurel, and reminds him that he’s the cop in the situation. The vigilante cuts ties with Laurel in order to keep her safe, and Detective Lance has the phone to contact the vigilante.

Oliver decides to have another chat with Moira, this time as the Hood.