Picking up from the last episode, Oliver pays his mother a visit as the Hood to interrogate her about his father, Walter, and the Undertaking. But, she manages to trick Oliver into giving her the chance to shoot him and he manages to shoot him. Oliver reaches out to Felicity for help, and makes her promise to take him to his secret lair.

Diggle and Felicity work together to try and help Oliver after Moira shoots him, and while out Oliver has flashbacks to his training with Slade while on the island. The two work together to get off the island, planning to take over a supply plane that’s meant for Fyer’s camp. Slade also informs Oliver that the man who tortured him was Slade’s old partner, Billy Wintergreen, who joined Fyer’s side and betrayed Slade.

Oliver and Slade successfully take over the airstrip, and Slade admits that he plans to send an air strike to the island to blow it up once they are safely off. Oliver decides not to leave Yeo Fei on the island to die, and Slade tells him that he is leaving on the plane with or without them. When Oliver finds him, Yao won’t go with Oliver, admitting that he’s staying for someone important.

Instead of leaving without them, Slade goes and saves Oliver. He manages to kill Deathstroke, but get’s harmed in the process.

When Oliver finally wakes up, after flat lining a couple of times, he officially invites Felicity to join his crime fighting team. She declines, but asks to join long enough to help them find Walter. Oliver defends Moira’s actions when he confronted her to Diggle, even though Diggle doesn’t agree that she wasn’t involved.