arrowFelicity proves to be a bit of a pain for Oliver when he decides to go after Ken Williams, who she finds out is a widowed father of a 10 year old. Her reaction makes Diggle and Oliver panic slightly, afraid that she might go to the police.

During a flashback, Oliver goes out to find some herbs that Yao Fei used on an infection when Walter Slade’s bullet wound gets infected. While in the cave, Oliver comes across a very injured man who he refuses to help because he thinks the man was put there as a trap.

Moira reaches out to a business associate, admitting that she wants out of the Undertaking. Moira reaches out to the Traid to kill Malcolm Merlyn.

Oliver’s team targets a hostage taking jewel thief, called the Dodger, to prove to Felicity that he doesn’t always go after bad guys on his list. He kills a man that tries to double cross him, wanting to send a message that he isn’t to be messed with. The Dodger finds another buyer for the jewel he stole, only to have the meeting crashed by the Sterling City Police Department. Oliver almost manages to capture him, but is thwarted when the Dodger throws a bomb at him.

To draw out the Dodger, Oliver donates some family jewels to a charity that his team attends. Felicity attempts to intercept the Dodger, but instead the Dodger puts one of his bomb devices on her. Oliver manages to catch up to the thief, and saves Feclicity and his family jewels.

While on a lunch break with Laural, Thea’s purse is stolen by a street thug. After finding a chain from the thief’s wallet, she calls around until she finds the guy and asks Laurel’s dad to arrest him. Detective Lance questions him, and its revealed that the theif’s mother is dealing with the after affects of having an addiction to the drug, vertigo.