indexAfter spending a year away from the Pack in an attempt to live like a normal human again, Elena Michaels is called back by the Pack Alpha to help with a mutt issue. She must leave the life she carefully created for herself to journey back to a world she rebelled against since she was bit 10 years previously,  and to the one who turned her into the only female werewolf.

The mutt issue is that there’s a mutt in Pack territory, and he’s killing innocent girls. He isn’t cleaning up after himself, and has the locals believing that there’s wild dogs out and about. The Pack tries to quietly deal with the mutt, though that quickly goes out the window when Elena and Clayton Danvers managed to track down one mutt at a local night club.

Throughout the entire visit with the Pack, Elena attempts to ignore the person she hates the most. Clayton Danvers. The pack enforcer, and the Alpha’s body guard, Clay is the reason Elena is the only female werewolf. He bit her 10 years ago after falling in love with her, and couldn’t stand the idea of being without her. Though, she has a relationship back in Toronto that she desperately wants to keep, Clay seems to be attempting to win her back.

It quickly turns into a conspiracy to overturn the Pack, with a number of mutts coming together and turning human killers into wolves to help. The head mutt, a previous pack member, makes his conditions clear. He wants Elena, and is planning on doing anything to get her. When the mutts almost manage to kill Elena, Jeremy sends her back to Toronto with Clayton in tow.

Clay eventually gets kidnapped, which sends Elena into a tailspin to get him back. Along with the mutts that eventually meet their demise, the mutts also manage to kill two members of the Pack. By the end of the book, when Elena decides to go back to the Pack, there are only five members left.