Soooooooo….I’m Derek, not your normal book reading poster, but the guy who did a few Gotham reviews. Remember? No? Good. So let’s talk about Arrow.

We open in a stripe club, like all good shows should. But instead of the usual awkward lap dance we get the returning Huntrese whose shaking down a mob lawyer for her fathers location.

Smash cut to the intro we see Oliver and his new cop girlfriend…whose name escapes me. They agree to go on a date for the opening of the new night club. Across town, Laural talks to her dad. Quickly her mom comes in and things get AWKAAAAAAAARDDDDD. She’s cray and thinks she’s still alive…but is she? Spoilers its yes.

Later in the poor part of town, Speedy talks to Roy. They flirt kind of and she offers him a job. He’s wearing s sweet red hoodie so there’s no way he could be a future red Archer.

Returning to the plot, Diggle and Oliver discuss the return of Huntress. The bros come up with a plan to stop her from killing and or telling anyone they’re superheroes. Turns out Oliver doesn’t have to look too far as Huntress is in his house. Oliver tries to stop her from killing her father whose soon getting his witness protection post. Oliver says no cause murder is bad…ironic seeing how he kills almost everyone he meets. She threatens to hurt his family if he doesn’t help.

Tommy and Oliver are still dealing with the whole one of us in a serial killer superhero. Oddly Tommy isn’t taking it all that well.  Back on the island Oliver and Slade are trying to kill people cause reasons. Or rather to steal a rocket launter.

At the club opening Oliver and friends are having a swell time. Tommy is still pissy cause the whole friend killing thing. Tommy then tries to bang Huntrese. This leads to Tommy being used as bait. Ollie agrees to murder her father…oddly Diggle isn’t down with that. He wants Oliver to kill her, duh.

The two go chasing after poppa Huntrese. Meanwhile Tommy and Laural break up! Oh no, true love is dead! Also Roy and Speedy talk about stuff that’s not important to the overall plot. Roy stops her from being mugged cause plot convience.

Meanwhile in the plot, it turns out neither van had Huntress’s dad and she’s arrested by the Popo. Officer Prince tries to get info on the Hood but it doesn’t go well and Oliver breaks her out of jail. Oliver tries to get her out of town, seeing how there’s still 20 minutes left in the episode it doesn’t happen.

With her “gone” Oliver goes to see cop lady and they talk. She gives a speech. It screams “I’m gonna be in danger later” spoilers she is. While the two bang, the girl of my dreams Felicity is ambushed by Huntress.

Now Oliver is mad and goes after her while she’s attacking the FBI hideout of her father. The two have a stand off and Helena catches one of his arrows. Strangely she doesn’t take well to that and they fight. During the fight Huntress shoots Coplady who responded to the crime. She later gets written off the show cause…more plot convience.

After the fight Tommy and Ollie have a bro to bro, and they bury the hatchet…for a while at least. Back in flashback island, Slade and Ollie steal the rocket launter’s serkit board and trade it for a way off the island. Roll credits.

This one ran a little long when it came to melodrama, something is season has in spades. Past that some of the Buntress and bro to bro stuff added to the moving plot.

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