Hey kids, it’s Derek again. Remember the guy who wrote last weeks review. The devilish rouge who talks about anime and stuff. Anyways here’s more Arrow.

In the Arrow cave, Oliver and friends plan out their next target, a Mr. Nicoles. The former realestite agent is responsible for a fire that killed a bunch of people did to the building not bing up to code. But before Oliver can load his quiver he’s kidnapped. Arrow and crew then have to find him, but not before a bunch of melodrama. Great.

Roy and Speedy sitting in a trailer park…making out like you’d guess.  Thea is shocked once she finds out army’s gonna rob a store. Speedy leaves cause she dont get down like that…anymore.

Back at the Lance home, the whole family are still dealing with issues. They think she’s alive, they’re right moving on.

Oliver and Diggle have a bro date. They eat burgers and talk about how Oliver is putting up walls around him, basically the norm. Putting a damper on the date by the kidnapper whose broadcasting his kidnapped realitor. He’s then killed.

Minute later the killer has a new victim, a DA who didn’t get the realitor convicted. Team Arrow then tries to find him.

On a roof top Mora is talking to another business man, they talk about how they can deal with Malcom. They don’t say much but it’s clear that they could be in danger.

Back in the plot Felicity works her magic and finds a location for Oliver. He speeds to the scene only to find that the kidnapper is bouncing his signal across town. Shortly after the kidnapper kills another one.

Oliver is mad at Felicity but her charms soon warm his and my heart. Via flashback we see that the trade between Oliver and the mercs doesn’t go well. They threaten to kill a new character Shadow.

In ghetto Roy is kidnapped, and is the newest victim of the serial killer. Speedy then runs to Oliver and he goes into action. Back at the Lance’s turns out they didn’t find Sarah and that her mom know she was sleeping with Oliver. Crying and over acting insues.

Flagging down a lead, the Arrow gang figure out that the killer is using an old subway system to travel from spot to spot. One fantasy island, the deal goes south and Oliver, Slade and Shado get away with nothing gained.

Back in reality, the Arrow tracks down the train before Roy is killed. The killer pulls the whole we’re the same thing and Oliver doesn’t buy it and ends up having to kill him to save Roy.

Back in the club Roy and Thea meet up and more or less make out. Roy now seems to have a fixation with the Arrow who saved him. Later Oliver and Laural talk and seem to eye bang each other.

On the outskirts of town Mura watches her friend be killed by a new Archer. She’s spooked and the whole Undertaking moves forward. Back at the Arrow cave the gang put together that the map of the subway line was actually the symbol in Oliver’s notebook. Roll credits.

Overall, this one’s plot moved quite fast and it’s plot didnt involve too many awkward cut aways of uninteresting stuff. Additionally the revaluation of the symbol finally push up towards the final plot points of the season.

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