Though, I know people don’t really follow my blog religiously, I’d still like to explain my pretty much silence.


The major focus of this blog is book reviews, which I love doing. But, since school has started it has been a little harder for me to sit down and read. I’m currently in my fourth year of school, and become very involved this year. I am running another blog for my school, and writing for my schools sports blog, as well.

I am still reading as much as I can, but school work is more important most days. After I’ve done my readings, and assignments, sometimes I can’t get the strength to pick up a book before bed.

I’ve also been slacking on reviewing television shows, namely finishing the first season of Arrow and the new season of Gotham, which I am trying to get on top of. I will probably end up doing a couple of episodes mashed together to catch up, and will be doing some more movie reviews when the time presents its self.

I will also be suspending the Bookworm News for now, until I can sit down weekly and research news for books. I had been hoping to pick it up when school came back, but I just cannot find the time right now.

Keep an eye out for future blog posts, and hopefully I will catch up on reading and television shows enough.

Don’t count me out, once I get on top of school I will be back and in full swing!