After moving from New York City to small town, Madison, Zach moves in next door to a mysterious man and his teen-aged daughter, Hannah. As Zach struggles to adjusting to living in a small town, and living without his father, Zach becomes quick friends with Hannah and a classmate: Champ.

After hearing Hannah and her father arguing, Zach and Champ break into their home and search for Hannah. While searching the house, the boys come across manuscripts to Goosebumps books that are locked. By accident, they open The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena¬† comes out. The boys and Hannah manage to suck the monster back into the book, but not before Hannah’s father finds them and drags them home.

Zach quickly figures out that Hannah’s dad is none other than R.L. Stine himself, and while he wrote Goosebumps the monsters would come to life. He figured out how to keep the monsters locked in the manuscripts, and guards them to make sure none of them escape. While Zach, Hannah and Champ chased down the abominable snowman, one of Stine’s other monsters escaped: Slappy.

Slappy steals the rest of the manuscripts, opens them, and burns them so Stine cannot put them back in the box. The monsters create chaos in Madison, while Stine attempts to write another Goosebumps novel that will drag all of the monsters back into a book. Slappy is the ring leader, sending the monsters out to get Stine and prevent him from trapping them back into one of his manuscripts.

Goosebumps ended up being a little silly, and not scary for someone who’s a complete wimp. It followed a Goosebumps story line, with personal growth for the main character being crucial to the story arches. It was an awesome way to present Stine’s novels, because it couldn’t be a true Goosebumps movie without all of Stine’s monsters.