In the final installment of The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen is more determined than ever to kill President Snow and end his total control of Panem alongside the rebels. Her determination is reinforced after Peeta Mellark is rescued, and the Rebels figure out that the Capitol Doctors have brainwashed him with Tracker Jacker venom and turned him into a weapon to kill Katniss.

Katniss heads out to District 2 to help with the fighting there, as it’s clear District 13 and the rest of the Districts cannot take on the Capitol without taking down 2 first. Gale gives the Rebels the plan they need, and they set Katniss up to speak to the survivors at the mouth of a exit to 2s mountain fortress.

During her speech, Katniss is shot and immediately taken back to 13 to heal.

Realizing that Coin wants Katniss out of the fighting and will only fly her in for the surrender, Katniss sneaks onto a plane with medical supplies which forces Coin and Plutarch to add her to a squad. But, the squad she is a part of will not be included in the fighting. They will go into the Capitol days behind the real troops, and will be filmed disarming pods set up around the Capitol by Gamemakers.

Even though he’s clearly unstable and a threat to Katniss, Coin decides to have Peeta join Katniss’s squad. They cuff him as a precaution, but are forced to bring him along as Coin and Plutarch want him involved in the propos as he’s a Victor.

During one of their filming exercises, Boggs sets off an unknown pod and dies. He hands over authority to his map (or holo) of the Capitol to Katniss, tells her to continue on her mission to kill Snow, kill Peeta if she has to, and not to trust anyone. When another pod is set off, Peeta freaks out and almost kills Katniss.

After hiding in a Capitol apartment, the squad decides going underground is the quickest and safest way to get to Snow’s mansion. Pollux, the Avox who spent 5 years in the sewers, is their guide before Snow realizes the squad wasn’t killed because of the squad or the pod and sends mutts after them. A number of members of the squad are killed before they get out of the sewers and Cressida leads them to a ally who hides them in her basement.

Katniss and Gale set out to get to Snow when Capitol citizens are ordered to evacuate and go to the mansion, and are almost caught when the Rebels caught up and the war is finally over when a bomb is dropped on Capitol children and a second wave kills Rebel medics and fighters.

As per her deal with Coin, Katniss is given the honour of killing Snow. Instead, she kills Coin and Snow is killed in a stampede while Katniss is dragged away. She’s later released and allowed to return to District 12, where along with Peeta she learns to live after surviving the Hunger Games, the Quarter Quell, and the war that brought down the Capitol.