1516745Victoria, Tori, Ryan barely recognizes her Father when she finally comes home from Boston where he had sent her so many years ago to get properly educated where she lived with her Aunt and Uncle and cousin. When she is summoned home, she has no idea of the events that would unfold and completely change her life.

When she arrives home, she is informed that her marriage has been arranged between her and her father’s business partner’s son which she is quickly against and let’s her feelings be known. Her Father lets her know that her refusing the marriage would affect her Father on a business level, and she really has no choice but to marry who her Father chose for him.

She immediately tells her Father that she is engaged to someone from Boston, who she loves dearly, and she plans on returning to Boston as soon as she could to marry him.

During all of this, Tori continues to run into Nick Kincade, a former Texas Ranger who saved her Father once during a war. Kincade is there on a mission to figure out the business dealings of Tori’s Father, as the government has been investigating him for quite some time. They believe he is selling illegal guns to the Americans and the Indians, and keeping the money hidden in trusts for Tori and her brother.

After her Father’s untimely death, Tori convinces Kincade to escort her to a port where she can get on a boat back to Boston. It is also where one of the bank accounts that is in her name is located, which she intends to empty and bring with her to Boston. But, that is when Tori’s plan begin to unravel in front of her eyes, and she goes through a number of events that change her completely.