It’s that time of year again, when Bookworms ring in the new year with a new pledge for the year of books to read.

Below is a list of my previous book pledges since I began pledging books to read (which I realize hasn’t been a very long time), and what I am aiming to read for 2016.

2014 pledge: 30 books read

2015 pledge: 27 books read

2016 pledge: 50 books to read

I realized that 50 is a bit of a leap from my previous years, but every year I aim for 50 books. I realize that I may fall short, as school and work keep me busy and hinder my desire and ability to read for pleasure, but I enjoy having the goal. I aim to get as close to 50, or past it, as I can each year. At the minimum, I aim to read, at least, one book a month to review for this blog.

I’m also hugely looking forward to what new books I will get my hands on this year, ones that are currently on my bookshelves and waiting to be read; and those that I haven’t purchased as of yet, and those my friends trade, lend me, or give me in the coming year. I’m also looking forward to the movies I’ll review, and caught up on shows that I’ve fallen behind on reviewing wise.

Harry New Year to everyone, and good luck on your own pledges and New Years resolutions!