Room, based on the novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue, follows Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and his Ma (Brie Larson) during their escape from Room and their slow rehabilitation to being introduced back to the Outside. 

Even though Room is all that Jack has known in his 5 years, his Ma has known a different life. When Ma was 17, 7 years before the movie started, a man Jack and Ma call Old Nick (Sean Bridgers)  kidnapped her and locked her away in Room (which is actually a shed in his backyard.) Every night he visits Ma, and Jack is hidden away in wardrobe so Old Nick doesn’t see him.

After an altercation between Ma and Old Nick, Old Nick cuts the power to Room as a form of punishment. Once the power comes back on, Ma is determined to escape Room. Along with Jack, she concocts a plan to trick Old Nick into thinking Jack died so that he will bring him away to bury him. On the way to the burial site, Jack slips out of Old Nick’s truck and runs for help. Ma and Jack are rescued by the police, and taken to the hospital.

Later, Jack meets his grandparents at Ma’s childhood home. Jack slowly accepts that the world is a lot more than Room, and Ma attempts to heal from the past seven years. She struggles with this, especially after a television interview she agrees to do. The questions sets her off, and she attempts suicide by taking too many of her pain killers.

While his Ma recovers in the hospital, Jack begins to explore the world outside of Room. He cuts his hair for the first time, makes a friend, bakes cupcakes, and pets a dog for the first time. When Ma finally comes back to him, Jack asks to go back to room one last time. They both say good bye to their previous home, and close that chapter of their lives.

They did a really good job transforming Donoghue’s book into a movie, and it got the same emotional response from me as the book did. The journey Jack and Ma take is an emotional and painful one, but they both come out of the fire new people.