The birth of Dariush, the son of a medicine man and his loving wife, follows the death of a war lord by the name of Demol; who had been training his son, Demish to take over once he met his untimely demise to continue his take over after his father’s death.

After burying his father and dealing with his grief, Demish joins forces with a woman his father informs him of by the name of Ashtar. She informs him that he has 15 years to before the boy destined to defeat him will be ready. During his journeys, Ashtar attempts to inform him of Dariush’s birth as a means of warning. But, Demish ignores him for quite some time.

While Dariush grows up, an isolated young boy who can speak to animals, Demish’s power and control are spread out as his army is controlled by Zalk to control the nation.

Once Dariush’s family realizes that there is a prophecy stating that a child with Dariush’s description is meant to overthrow Zalk, they quickly bring him and their other son into a small town where they lay low. After quite sometime, Dariush decides to go and train to become a Freedom Fighter along with his adopted brother Som. They join the Freedom Fighters, where Dariush quickly becomes the speaker for the group that had no leader. Dariush creates a strong group of warriors, who are later joined by Beings that Dariush translates for them that include bears, dogs, eagles, crows, rats, and mountain lions.

The Freedom Fighters set out to take back the territory that Zalk’s army has taken over, and succeed in freeing most of the nation. Finally, the only part left is to kill Zalk. Dariush allows his mentor, Ardashir, to give the killing strike to the man who killed his wife and child and fed them to his wolves. But, Zalk uses his dying breath to say that he is only joining Lord Demol.

This book was written by my former co worker’s parents, and I bought it from him years ago. The message is one of peace and understanding, and is a wonderful fairy tale that is just book one. I look forward to reading the next book, and any other books that Audrey and Faro write in this series.