18050728              Overall rating: 5/5

In the final installment of the I Hunt Killers trilogy, Jasper Dent finally faces off with his Dear Old Dad and the Crow King back where it all started for Jasper: Lobo’s Nod.

After getting shot and left for dead in a storage unit, Jasper assumes he’s on the verge of death. He tries his best to slow the bleeding, but has no means of contacting anyone to come and get him. But, eventually, Billy comes to sew Jasper up and get him to the hospital. During that time, Billy admits that he’s got Connie and Jazz’s mom, Janice, and is planning on killing Connie.

Before Billy comes back from his errands, Connie manages to escape and ends up at the same hospital as Jazz. The two of them, along with Howie who is in the hospital back in Lobo’s Nod along with Jazz’s Grandma, manage to have a phone call and fill each other in on what all of them knows. After this discussion, Jazz manages to escape the New York hospital and makes his way to where he knows Billy is headed; home, Lobo’s Nod.

Jazz is propelled with his desire to safe his mother, attempting to ignore the infection and bullet in his leg from the storage unit. He’s aware that he’s basically losing his mind in the process, and possibly going to go over the edge like Billy wants him to; but, Jazz is determined to save his mother from Billy.

After contacting Howie when he makes it back to the Nod, Jazz gets a hint from Billy after digging up his Grandfather’s grave where he finds an old diary of Billy’s that he buried with the old man. This give Jazz, and later the NYPD, the Lobo’s Nod Sherrif Department, and the FBI information on a serial killer club called the Crows. Billy, and the current Crow King, wanted Jazz to take over as the new Crow King and make the crows a family affair.

But, Jazz refuses to descend into his family heritage. Even though he has chances to kill Billy and the Crow King, the two people responsible for raising him to become a serial killer,  he makes the decision to step above that and is strong enough not to kill anyone.

Finally, after years of fighting Billy and reminding himself that people matter, Jazz finally takes steps toward recovery. He finally gets the answers he’s been looking for, and manages to rid the world of Billy’s evil without having to murder a single person.

I hit the roof when I was finally able to read Blood of my Blood, because I’d been waiting for months to buy it. Lyga did not disappoint, and this is officially one of the best series I have ever written. The first book still haunts my dreams, and now the final book will also haunt my dreams. Lyga creates such a vivid journey that we see through Jazz and his friends, and it’s one chalk full of real life information and facts that are horrifying and true.

This series is not for the light of heart, and had me sleeping with the light on while I was reading it.