After the Pack lost a lot of it’s numbers in previous seasons, Jeremy sends out Nick, Clay and Elena to give North American mutts an option to strengthen the Pack: either join the Pack, or stop existing altogether.

It’s clear that Clay and Elena are not fans of Jeremy’s decision to strong hand the mutts as time goes on, but they must follow their Alpha. The make the new Pack members prove their loyalty by going after other mutts who haven’t joined yet.

When getting an update from Joey Stillwell, there’s an assassination attempt on Jeremy’s life by a mutt from the Spanish Pack who’s brother was excommunicated because of Jeremy.

A mutt from deep in the Canadian territory reaches out to Elena when the news of the Pack’s plans come to him, claiming that he is Elena’s long lost father. Although, Elena has not heard of him, or his son and daughter who he brings with him, as the Pack did intensive research into all of the North American mutts.

It’s also found out that Rachel is safe, under the protection of the Pack with baby Rocco after Logan died in the previous season. The Pack has had Rachel sending postcards home to pretend to be traveling, instead of hiding with a baby no one knows about. Jeremy refuses to let Elena see her, until he decides what to do with her. Pack law states that the mother should know nothing of the secret, and any male offspring should be given over to the Pack to raise.