Elena finds out that the man claiming to be her father, Sasha Antonoff, was a part of the Russian Pack, and that she was adopted as a child. While speaking with her father, Elena realizes that she’s being followed by a mutt who’s working with Eduardo. Clay warns her that Eduardo’s group is still in play, and her apparent father kills the man trying to kill her.

While explaining to Clay about Sasha telling her that he’s her father, Elena has a hard time dealing with the news. Clay suggests that it may be a part of Eduardo’s plan to mess with her, and encourages her to not let it get to her. She searches through an old box of her things from when she was a kid, questioning her memories and what she thought her life was.

Sasha reaches out to Elena through her photography website, wanting to meet with her to discuss things. She brings Clay along with her, wanting his opinion before she brings Sasha to Jeremy’s attention. They meet at the local Diner, with Clay hovering close by. He admits that Eduardo’s crony was not the first mutt that he killed to keep his family safe, and he tries to explain why he disappeared from Elena’s life, why he’s hiding away with his younger children, and the danger that follows him.

Nick and Jeremy attempt to figure out where Eduardo and his group are hiding out, only to have one of Eduardo’s flunkies, a mutt named Bucky Durst, show up at Stonehaven under the rouse that he’s answering Jeremy’s summons. Eduardo kills the Pack members Clay had patrolling Stonehaven’s forests, and Bucky leaves the kitchen door open for him. When they find Bucky’s stuff in Eduardo’s storage locker, they rush back to Stonehaven after filling Clay in. A number of fights ensue at Stonehaven, and Elena manages to knock Eduardo out and he’s locked up in the Cage.

The Alpha of the Russian Pack, Roman, comes for a visit after the fights claiming he’s there on Russian Pack business, after the episode started with flashback of a witch telling him that Sasha would be with Elena in two weeks time. Roman tells Jeremy that he is there to find Sasha, and says that he has been searching for Sasha for a very long time.

While being tortured by Jeremy and Roman, Eduardo attempts to play mind games with Jeremy to doubt his new recruits into the Pack.