Overall rating: 5/5

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, former Special Forces Operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson is desperate to be healed. After being approached by a man claiming he can heal him, he agrees to be a part of a underground experiment. To do this, a evil scientist by the name of Ajax, aka Francis Freeman, puts him through a number different torture methods meant to activate the latent mutant gene.

As a result of Ajax’s torture, Wade becomes disfigured and he has the ability of accelerated healing.

Wade escapes, and takes on the name Deadpool as he searches for Ajax to fix his disfigurement. He reaches out to any and all people associated with Ajax, and asks them one simple question: where is Francis? He finally tracks Francis down, and corners him on a freeway to try to make him fix his disfigurement.

As Deadpool is talking to Francis, he’s interrupted by a pair of X men by the name of Collussus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Francis manages to escape while Deadpool talks to Collussus, who attempts to bring Deadpool back to the Xavier Institute. Instead, Deadpool cuts his hand off and heads to his apartment that he shares with a older blind lady by the name of Al.

A year before he is diagnosed with cancer, Wade became romantically involved with an escort by the name of Vanessa Carlysle. He agreed to the torture because he fears losing Vanessa, though he won’t go back to her once he’s healed afraid that she won’t accept him as a disfigured freak.

Once Francis and Angel Dust find out about Vanessa at Wade’s best friends, Weasel’s, bar, they kidnap her at her work and make Wade meet them for a showdown. During the battle that ensues, Francis admits that there is no cure of Wade’s disfigurement and Deadpool kills him for it.

Although, Vanessa is angry that Wade left her. She still loves him, and has the amazing line of mentioning that she’ll just need a couple of drinks to sit on his face.

You know, I’m not one for violent films and I generally avoid them. But, there was NO WAY I was missing Deadpool. I was blown away by the entire movie, and loved the humour in the film. Ryan Reynolds did an amazing job as the spandex wearing antihero, and surpassed any opinions I had about the character.