Overall rating: 3/5

At first, Vincent Argeneau doesn’t piece together that he has a saboteur. The first couple of things that happen, he assumes are coincidence. An actor quits here, or another gets hurt on set. Then a fire gets set, and an entire cast becomes sick.

Even when his cousin, Bastien, calls his Private Investigator in to help Vincent out, it still takes him quite sometime before he admits that someone is purposely trying to harm his business.

But, Jackie Morrisey knows right away that something is not right with all of the coincidences. Along with her partner, Tiny, she begins to piece together the coincidences to find out who is out to harm Vincent’s business.

After a girl Vincent fed on one night turns up dead, Vincent and Jackie realize that the saboteur has been keeping a close eye on Vincent and the are not playing around.

During this very stressful time for Vincent, he slowly realizes that Jackie may be his True Life Mate. This means that Vincent cannot read her thoughts, or control her. That they are destined to be together, although Vincent uses his one allotted turn to save his business partner when the saboteur attacks him.

When the saboteur breaks into Vincent’s house in search of something, Jackie follows and accidently turns herself after biting the saboteur’s wrist. As she’s gravelly injured, taking in the little blood that she did saved her life.

With the help of the Notte family, Jackie, Tiny and Vincent bring down the saboteur before anyone else is hurt. Since Jackie was changed accidently during a struggle with the saboteur, she and Vincent are able to plan for a wedding a very long life together.

I realized about half way into this book that I’ve read the books I have out of order, though I didn’t really mind. This book preluded into another book I’ve read, and I rather enjoyed. Though, like most romance series I find: once you’ve read one, you have a pretty good understanding/knowledge of the main points of the other novels.

But, this one did throw a couple of curve balls at me that I wasn’t expecting.