For some reason, I keep forgetting when Bitten airs on Space in Canada! This post will be a combination of the 2 older episodes I missed, and later this week I will be posting the newest episode! 

 After Jeremy tells Clay that Roman is searching for Sasha, he takes Elena to look at a house that they could potentially buy to try and convince her to tell Jeremy sooner that Sasha is claiming to be her father. Nick and Jeremy do research into Sasha, and reach out to a Pack member for insider information on the Russian Pack. Roman begins to bring Russian Pack members to help him search for Sasha, and refuses to tell Jeremy believing that he is helping Sasha hide.

Jeremy has a sit down with Elena about her worries with the way he’s been recruiting mutts into the Pack, and she finally tells him about Sasha and her siblings. Jeremy goes to speak with Sasha, and Nick and Elena set out to find them a place to hide and Nick makes them new identities. But, Jeremy tells Sasha that he will not help him nor will he tell Roman where Sasha is while he goes into hiding again.

After she has a run in with Jeremy and then a member of Roman’s Pack, the former Sheriff of Bear Valley does a little digging of her own into the Russian Pack Member. She calls in some favours to get the information on his Russian wrap sheet, and follows the members to their hideout.

After a meeting with Roman’s second hand man, Constantine, Nick realizes that the Russian Pack has been watching Jeremy’s Pack the entire time.

Sasha decides to kill Roman, and Katia and Alexi go to Stonehaven to ask Elena to help their father. Elena begs Jeremy to help safe her family, but he refuses again. While Elena speaks with Sasha, they are attacked by two of Roman’s men. They manage to subdue Constantine, but they kill the other man.

Sasha admits that he wants to kill Roman to prevent him from finding out that Elena is Sasha’s daughter, because he fears that Roman would do everything in his power to kill her.

Later, Jeremy brings Katia and Alexi to a meeting with Roman. Nick and Elena bring Sasha to the meeting as well, and Jeremy refuses to hand any of them over because Constantine is Roman’s son. Jeremy explains that since Roman attacked Elena, that is a unforgivable act that he won’t let go.

Jeremy and Sasha later sit down to discuss why there is a blood feud between Roman and Sasha, and Jeremy demands that Sasha leave and to never contact Elena again once the blood feud is put to rest.

During Sasha and Roman’s meeting, Elena and Constantine have a discussion about Elena’s life before she was bitten and questions how she survived the Change. He also tells her that there was rumours that Sasha had a daughter years ago, and that he figured out why Sasha came out of hiding after so long. Constantine tells Elena that her mother was Roman’s daughter, and Sasha showed her who he was and Roman had to kill her because she knew their secret.

Jeremy sets up a sit down for Sasha and Roman to discuss their issues, making it public enough for them to civil and private enough so they can discuss their secrets. Jeremy brings a bargaining chip to the table, in hopes that Sasha will walk away from the meeting with his life.