Overall rating: 3/5

Two years after her marriage was broken up by another woman, Rachel Watson is still attempting to salvage what is left of her life. She turned to alcohol during her marriage to deal with her depression, and struggles with her addiction daily as she pretends to go to a job she lost months before to keep her roommate under the impression that she has a job.

On the train rides in and out of London, Rachel has made friends with a couple that lived on the street she used to live on with her husband. Jessica and Jason is what she named the young couple, and she makes up stories about them and they begin to become real people to her. They become her friends in some way, and she always looks for them when the train slows by their home.

But, that street also contains her old home. Her old home that is currently being lived in by her ex-husband’s former mistress, now wife, and their young child. She tries to ignore them, to avoid looking at the home that used to be hers, and has turned to Jason and Jessica as a distraction from the pain that her old home causes her.

One day, she sees Jessica with another man. When they kiss, she’d enveloped by rage and pain because Jessica isn’t that type of woman. She loves Jason, and would never cheat on him.

Later, Jessica goes missing.

Rachel finds out that Jessica and Jason’s real names are Megan and Scott Hipwell, and that Megan used to own a Art Studio that was closed down recently. As time wears on, it’s feared that Megan may not be missing and that she could be dead. Rachel becomes obsessed with the search for Megan, and inserts herself into the investigation by claiming to be Megan’s friend and she tells the police about the mystery man.

The police write Rachel off, but that doesn’t stop her from attempting to put the pieces back together of the night Megan went missing. Even though she was drunk, she remembers a crucial event that helps close the case and figures out what really happens when she drinks too much.

This book really caught me off guard, because it took me a while to get into it. The book bounced back and forth between Rachel, Megan and Anna, the mistress that married Anna’s husband, Tom. The twist at the end of the book caught me completely off guard, and Hawkins did an amazing job of hiding the clues right in front of my nose in the book.