Overall rating: 3/4

It’s been 18 months since the Man of Steel was introduced to the world in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the time has brought up a lot of questions about Superman. These questions are increasingly negative, especially for billionaire Bruce Wayne and LexCopr’s mogel, Lex Luthor.

Wayne, who’s been cleaning up Gotham’s streets as the masked vigilante Batman for 2 decades, blames Superman for the mass causalities that occurred during Superman’s battle with General Zodd. Superman’s alter eager and reporter for the Daily Planet, Clark Kent, also sees Batman as a threat and attempts to expose him. Luthor also sees Superman as a threat, and attempts to create a kryptonite infused weapon to use against the Man of Steel.

Luthor is invited to a Congressional hearing, along with Superman, by a US Senator by the name of June Finch to discuss the validity of Superman’s actions and how they affect people. Unbeknownst to Finch until the last moment, Luthor had orchestrated a bombing during the hearing that killed everyone present. As Superman is the only one to walk away from the bombing, the public turns the blame onto him.

Batman eventually gets a hold of kryptonite and creates weapons to use against Superman, which prompts Luthor to splice his DNA with Zodd’s to create a monster (Doomsday) strong enough to take down Superman. But, he goes to his plan A by putting Lois Lane in danger to prompt Superman to save her. Luthor uses Superman’s other weakness to make Superman go after Batman, who almost kills Superman with his kryptonite spear.

Eventually, Superman and Lois Lane manage to reason with Batman and the pair go up against Luthor who releases Doomsday on him. During their battle with Doomsday, Batman and Superman are aided by a immortal warrior who Batman encountered at a fundraiser event at Luthor’s home, Wonderwoman.

The battle ensues, and a hero falls before Doomsday is finally killed.

I was surprised by Snyder’s darker take on Batman vs Superman, though I can’t say I blame him. It suited the story, even with the plot holes that were present, and I did rather enjoy the take they took with Lex Luthor. Although, I really did take offense to Lois Lane as she only popped up to be saved by Superman and did little else throughout the movie.