When Sarah DeLaune was 13 years old, her sister, Rachel, was brutually murdered in an abandoned house where a local town legend claims that the devil visited 70 years earlier.  She believes that a boy by the name of Ashe Cain killed her sister, though no one ever saw Ashe and he conveniently disappeared after Rachel’s death.

Fourteen years later, Sarah is still haunted by her lack of memories surrounding the night of Rachel’s death. She searches for answers in therapy, even attempting to become hypnotised to knock lose any memories she may be blocking unconsciously. Sarah fears her lack of memories may mean she is attempting to protect the murderer, and that there may have never been a Ashe Cain to commit the murder.

In the middle of the night, Sarah is woken out of her bed and a drug induced slumber by her ex boyfriend, Detective Sean Kelton, when a murder with occult links and tattoos happen close to Sarah’s home. Sarah recognizes a few aspects from the crime scene, and asks Kelton about hooves shaped foot prints. Later, another body is found in similar conditions close to Sarah’s home again.

With her father’s health failing him, Sarah heads home to visit him. They have a fight, where Sarah’s father accuses her of killing Rachel. He also gives Sarah a little understanding into why he seemingly hated her, and Sarah realizes that her father’s love for her sister may have had a sinister twist. Later, Sarah is informed that her father has died. It’s found out that his throat was slit, and Sarah is the main suspect in the murder as the assumption is that she had the most to gain from her father’s death.

With the bodies piling up around her, Kelton and Sarah’s therapist attempt to keep her safe as they realize the murderer is attempting to frame Sarah for all of the deaths.

The twist at the end of this novel caught me right off guard, and it was an awesome twist. Every character had secrets and obsessions, and a lot of the family history could turn very dark and twisty when you weren’t expecting it. I’m glad that it’s a stand alone novel, it’s kinda refreshing as a lot of the murder mysteries that I read are part of series.