645150._UY200_Scribbler of Dreams is among the books in my personal library that I’ve previously read and enjoyed it enough to keep it around. I first read it in high school, though I actually cannot remember where I got it from. But, I remember enjoying the take that Pearson took on a Romeo and Juliet romance, excluding (SPOILERS!!) the unnecessary double suicide at the end.

The novel tells the story of 17-year-old Kaitlin Malone as she struggles to grasp a history of hatred that has survived generations, and has pitted the Malones against the Crutchfields since sisters, Maggie Crutchfield and Amanda Malone, began the feud so many years ago.

Kait’s hatred for the Crutchfields was the legacy she was born into, as the Crutchfields don’t have the same struggles as the Malones. The Crutchfield’s family businesses are successful and were the result of Maggie selling off precious family land that both daughters received in their parents will. The Malones refused to sell any of their lands and are struggling farmers that took a very painful hit when Kait’s father went away to prison for killing Robert Crutchfield.

As a result of this, this leads to Kait and her sister, Abby, having to go to the local high school on Crutchfield land. Kait struggles to adapt to the new school where she must use her mother’s maiden name, though she finds a courtyard to escape her classmates and classes. In the courtyard, she meets and falls in love with a boy named Bram. Not until later does she realized that Bram is a Crutchfield after she’s already developed strong feelings for him.

As Bram doesn’t realize who she is, Kait must keep their relationship and her identity a secret. Kait’s web of lies grows and grows as her senior year progresses, and she decided to apply to colleges. Though Bram, she learns that the hatred of their families is all based on a lie and needs to be stopped before it continues any longer.

Finally, Kait has to come clean to Bram about her identity after her family finds out. But, she fears that Bram cannot look past the hatred that they were both raised on. She has to put her faith in their love, and that it is strong enough to survive.