V_for_vendettaxI’ve heard a lot of good things about Alan Moore’s and David Lloyd’s novel, V for Vendetta, especially from fans who loved the story that focused on a post-apocalyptic London in the 1990s. The novel follows an anarchist who goes by the name of V, as he starts a revolution in an attempt to wake up the general public into seeing how corrupt their Government has become.

During his plan, V rescues and takes a woman, by the name of Evey Hammond, under his wing as his protege. Through Evey, the reader learns that there was a nuclear war in the 1980s that resulted in most of the world being destroyed. At some point, the political fascist party, Norsefire, came into power and eliminated most of it’s enemies in concentration camps.

Through the narration of some party members, we find out that V was a part of a cruel medical experiment at a “resettlement camp” near Larkhill and eventually escaped. Along with his plan to bring down the government, V also murders his captors and torturers. He does so to eliminate anyone who could have potentially identified him to the police, and is considered a terrorist after he blows up the Houses of Parliament.

Later, V manages to blow up the Post Office Tower, and additionally shuts down three government agencies: the Eye, the Ear and the Mouth. One of the police officers assigned to V’s case realized where V’s lair is, and is caught off guard by V and the two fight. V is shot, though claims that he will live forever since he’s only an idea.

Unfortunately, the gun wound is fatal and V dies in Evey’s arms. Instead of unmasking V, Evey takes on his persona to continue his work.