Overall rating: 3/5

After the battle in Idris, everyone is attempting to settle back into their ‘normal’ lives. Clary has begun her Shadowhunter training, Simon is adjusting to the Mark and attempting to juggle the affection of two girls, Alec and Magnus take a long overdue vacation together, Clary’s mother, Jocelyn, is planning her wedding to Luke, and the Shadowhunters and Downworlders are attempting to follows the Accords.

The temporary peace that the Accords has established seems to be in jeopardy when dead Shadowhunters begin to pile up in Vampire, Frae and Werewolf territories. While the deaths are being investigated by the Clave, it’s revealed that the Shadowhunters were members of Valentine’s Order.


Simon is approached by a vampire by the name of Camille Belcourt, the previous leader of the vampires of New York, who wants him by her side to destroy Raphael. Simon is also attacked a number of times, but the Mark of Cain protects him each time. After one of these attacks, Simon’s mother confronts him about the blood he keeps hidden in his room. After admitting what he has become, Simon is horrified by his mother’s reaction of fear. He whips her memory, and takes off for a few days and tells her that he’s on a trip.

Clary and Jocelyn find out that someone is attempting to make more children like Jonathon, which Jocelyn struggles with. Clary investigates further on her own, which leads her to the Church of Talto where she fights a Hydra demon along side Isabelle.

While healing after the battle, Jace and Clary discuss Jace’s recent avoidance of her. It turns out that Jace has been having nightmares where he hurts Clary, and they decide to go to the Silent Brothers for help. They explain that since Jace was resurrected and no longer had protection that Shadowhunter children have performed on them as infants, his nightmares may be because a demon is attempting to posses him.

During Luke and Jocelyn’s engagement party thrown by Luke’s Wolf Pack, Simon is summoned by a fan of his band who claims to be his girlfriend. She was kidnapped by who had been sending people to attack him, and was later killed and turned into a vampire when Simon didn’t show up to save her. She brings him to a rooftop where the demon Lilith is attempting to bring back Jonathon, where Jace has brought Clary while under the control of Lilith.

Lilith explains that since Jace was brought back for the Good side, things are uneven. To make things even, she is allowed to bring Jonathon back for the Bad side. Lillith needs Simon to give Jonathon his blood, as he has Shadowhunter blood in him. Clary manages to break the control Lillith has on Jace, and while he fights Lilith; Simon manages to trick her into harming him, which leads to her death.