Overall rating: 4/5

I’ve been reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter books for years now, though there’s been too much space inbetween each novel for me to remember the tiny details that are crucial to understanding the stories. So, I’ve decided that this summer I’ll read the Dark-Hunter books that I have in order, spacing them out with books from another series and a random other book.

So, after Fantasy Lover that I reviewed a few months back, we begin with Night Pleasures.

This book tells the story of the Dark-Hunter Kyrian of Thrace, a prince handed over to his enemies by the only woman he ever loved, when his path crosses with Amanda and Tabitha Devereaux, two of the nine Devereaux sisters who call New Orleans their home, when Kyrian ends up handcuffed to Amanda by a Daimon named Desiderius. 

Desiderius fakes having mixed up the twins, as Tabitha is an avid vampire/Daimon hunter, while Amanda is an accountant with untaped powers that she refuses to accept in an attempt to live a normal live. Her world is turned upside down when she becomes Desiderius’ target, as he wants to eat her soul and take her abilities for himself.

While Kyrian attempts to uncuff them and protect Amanda, the two slowly develop feelings for one another. This proves difficult for both, as Kyrian has not trusted anyone since his wife betrayed him to the Romans and it is against the Dark-Hunter code for them to develop long term relationships. Kyrian is a slave to the Goddess, Artemis, who holds the key to him killing Desiderius and living a life with Amanda: his immortal soul.

Interwoven into Kyrian’s and Amanda’s love story is the introduction to key characters in the Dark-Hunter universe, including Dark-Hunters, Squires, Were-Hunters, Dream-Hunters, and humans alike. Little tidbits are given out about each character, that eventually leads up to a novel where they have a more prominent role. For instance, Kyrian works alongside another Dark-Hunter Talen who’s story is told in the next novel, Night Embrace. Which will be the next novel I will read from this universe, so keep an eye out for that review in the coming weeks!