Overall rating: 4/5

Normally, I do try to space out reviewing a book in the same series. Personally, I prefer to see that gap to ensure that I am reading as many different books as possible. As I’ve decided to spend the summer reading two series, I’ve allowed myself to break this rule as Dime Store Magic got very interesting to me, and I couldn’t put it down.

After her mother’s death at the compound nine months previously in Stolen, Paige Winterbourne is attempting to adjust to life as the leader of the American Coven of witches and the guardian of Savannah Levine. It’s clear early that the Coven is having issues with Savannah, and that they’ve placed demands on Paige that resulted in Savannah and Paige moving to East Falls, where the Coven is located.

The story revolves around the development that Savannah’s father, Kristof Nast, is attempting to get custody of her. Although, Paige has issues with believing that Savannah’s mother, Eve, had a daughter with a sorcerer. Leah O’Donnell, a Volo demon who attempted to kidnap Savannah while they were in the compound, is originally named on the petition to distract Paige from who is actually attempting to gain custody.

Leah and Gabriel Sandford, a sorcerer lawyer who works for the Nast Cabal, begin to cause a lot of trouble for Paige with the Coven and the population of East Falls. They stage elaborate events meant to draw negative attention to Paige and her practicing witchcraft, in an attempt to get her booted from the Coven and to present her as an unfit guardian.

During all this, Lucas Cortez, a lawyer and the heir to the Cortez Cabal, shows up to offer his services as a lawyer to Paige. She refuses because Lucas is a sorcerer. When Paige ends up in jail, Lucas manages to get her out with no charges and refuses to leave her as groups of protesters crowd outside her house. The Coven makes it abundantly clear that Paige is on her own, and she finally accepts Lucas’ offer is he explains who Cabals are.

Finally, Paige’s and Savannah’s home is fire bombed by the Nast Cabal for Savannah to be brought to Kristof Nast. Once she finds out who Nast is, Savannah agrees to stay with him as long as Paige can stay, as well. Nast agrees, though a short time later Sandford makes a deal with Lucas’ brother to kill Paige and send a video of it to Lucas. Leah shows Savannah Paige being dragged away, claiming that she is dead. In her grief and rage over the thought of Paige dying, Savannah attempts to summon her mother. Instead, Savannah manages to summon a number of demons and to make the farmhouse collapse in on itself.

As I mentioned, Dime Store Magic was very interesting to me. I really enjoyed this one, and it has made me look forward to continuing Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series.