22328546In a world where your blood determines your social standing, Mare Barrow helps her family get by in the Stilts by stealing before she’s forced into the army on her 18th birthday like her brothers Shade, Bree and Tramy before her to fight in the war her country, the Kindgom of Norta, are fighting in.The Kingdom is ruled by King Tiberias CaloreVI, a Silver

The Kingdom is ruled by King Tiberias CaloreVI, a Silver  with the ability to control fire, which is also what differentiates the Reds from the Silvers. The Silvers have evolved where there blood is no longer red but silver, and all of the High Houses have powers that range from strongarms to nymphs.

Mare’s entire world is turned upside down after her best friend, KilornWarren, is going to be conscripted after he loses his job. After causing an accident that results in her sister, Gisa, losing her job, Mare wanders aimlessly until she ends up outside the local pub where she is caught pickpocketing. The stranger and Mare speak for a bit, when Mare admits her life and what will become of her. The following day, Mare is brought to the royal palace where she is given a job, which results in Mare finding out that she has powers like the Silvers and that the stranger who caught her pickpocketing is the future King, Cal.

Mare becomes the little lightening girl, and is given a new identity as the long-lost daughter of a dead Silver and is betrothed to Cal’s younger brother, Maven. The Queen and the King attempt to teach Mare how to be royalty, all while hiding her blood status in an attempt to appease the Silvers. She attempts to maneuver the tides of the High Houses, and does poorly.

Feeling like she has no choice, Mare joins the rebels, the Scarlet Guard, in an attempt to win her freedom. She realizes that Maven also wants to see the country change, and they assist in a terrorist attack during a ball at the end of the summer that results in the death of four people from the High Houses.

The plot in this book was surprising, and it made me enjoy the book even more. Mare’s story was one about revolution, and I really enjoyed it. The Reds and Silver take on people was interesting, one I haven’t seen before. The last time I enjoying a book like this was The Hunger Games, except the people didn’t evolve.