Overall rating: 3/5

Another book done from Kelley Armstrong’s series, Women of the Otherworld, and it’s another Paige Winterbourne story. This time Paige is attempting to start another Coven after she was kicked out of the original Coven, but continues to get turned down by witches because of her association with Sorcerer and Cabal family member, Lucas Cortez.

In a rut since her house burned down and she had to settle down so that her ward, Savannah Levine, had to start school again, Paige is approached by the body guards of Cortez leader and Lucas’ father, Benicio Cortez.

Even though Lucas refuses to accept his position as Benicio’s heir to the Cortez Cabal, and the fact that Lucas was conceived during an extramarital affair, Benicio actively attempts to be a part of Lucas’ life. As Lucas makes a living fighting the Cabals, Benicio bring Lucas a case through Paige as Cabal children are being attacked and killed.

Reluctantly, Paige and Lucas agree to take on the case. After asking the werewolves, Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers, to watch Savannah, Paige and Lucas set out to investigate who is targeting Cabal employee’s children. While being introduced to how Cabals work, we also get to meet celebrity necromancer, Jamie Vegas, who deals with a haunting that ultimately leads them onto who has the vendetta against the Cabals.

What I enjoyed a lot about this book was that it brought together a lot of characters working toward a common goal, especially some of my favourites. It introduced some characters who I know have their own books later on, and gave me details about them I didn’t previously have.