indexOverall rating: 3/5

After hearing about her from Paige, Savannah, and everyone else who encounters Savannah, this is finally Eve Levine’s book. Eve is a half-demon, black witch who’s a former member of the Coven, and a devoted mother to Savannah. After her untimely death when Savannah and her were taken to the compound in Stolen, Eve became a ghost in the supernatural heaven dimension.

Afterwards, Eve was joined by Kristof Nast, Savannah’s father and the head of the Nast Cabal before his untimely death. Much to Kristof’s annoyance, Eve constantly visits and watches over Savannah while she’s in the living world with Paige Winterbourne and Lucas Cortez.

The Fates decide to call on the favour that Eve owes them from when they sent Paige back to the living world when she accidentally fell through a portal, and they send her off on a hunt for a evil spirit, the Nix, who escaped her Hell dimension.

The Nix is able to jump into a person’s body, and to give them the little push they need to commit unthinkable crimes. Then, when they are about to be punished, the Nix leaves them to deal with the consequences. A number of her partners were put to death, which allows Eve to communicate with them in an attempt to figure out who the Nix’s new partner is.

While working alongside an angel, Eve realizes that catching the Nix is a test to see if she could hack it as a angel. She refuses the offer, and the Fates accept that. But, Eve is more determined than ever to catch the Nix when she sets her sites on Savannah, Paige and Lucas.

I liked Eve, which isn’t shocking. She’s funny, honest and sarcastic. This book was a good closing to the story of Savannah’s mom, and I’m glad it was included in this series.