50_book_pledge_201611As the year comes to an end, I pause to ponder my book pledge. I still have hopes of being able to finish another book or two, though I’m assuming I’m stuck at the number I’m currently at.

Below are my past pledges, along with 2016s.

2014: 30/50

2015: 25/30

2016: 23/30

This has been my lowest year yet, and I blame my school for that. I usually aim for 50, but start with 30 as the lowest point I’d like to be at. My goal for 2017 is 35, I’m hoping I will be able to meet this pledge. I’m also aiming to review more movies and television shows in the New Year, as a way to keep my blog going while I’m working on my Honours Thesis and other assignments.

If I have enough time, I will list the best books that I’ve read in 2016.

Here’s to another year of more books to read, new authors to discover, and new stories to fall in love with.