2430731Overall rating: 3/5

While I have been reading this book for a while, it is the first book I’ve read of 2017! While this book is part of a series, I only have this book. The regular series follows a gang of vampires and a couple of humans, and this book focuses on Topaz and Jack Heart.

While the CIA searches for the leader of their gang, Topaz decides to go searching for her long lost mother and Hollywood starlet, Mirabella DuFrane. After her sudden death when Topaz was a baby, Mirabella’s body went missing. Who killed the movie star was never found out, and what happened to her body remains a mystery.

Along with Jack Heart, the man who conned Topaz out of her money and love, she attempts to solve the mystery surrounding her mother. While they attempt to solve the mystery, neither can fight the feelings that drew them together in the first place. While helping Topaz search for her mother, Jack gives the CIA information on the leader of the gang in exchange for information on Topaz’s mother.

While I was pretty confused because I started this book not realizing it was a part of a series, it was an okay vampire story. It seemed a little dramatic at certain points, and a bit predictable. Overall, I did enjoy the book.