71tjg9yv-wlOverall rating: 3/5

Another book in the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon tells the story of the accident Dark Hunter, Wulf Tryggvasen, and Apollo’s heir, Cassandra Peters. The unlikely pair is put together by Artemis to prevent the world from ending, as Cassandra is the last of Apollo’s blood line.

If Cassandra dies, then Apollo dies and the sun dies along with him.

Wulf became a Dark Hunter when a Dark Huntress by the name of Morginne tricked him into trading souls with her, where he took her job and she ran off with the Norse God, Loki. He was also cursed to have people forget him instantly after meeting him, unless they are another Dark Hunter, Were Hunter, or a part of his family.

Cassandra is an Apollite, who die painfully on their 27th birthdays. They were cursed by Apollo, and only live longer if they become Daimons. To live, they must kill humans and take their souls. To protect humans, Artemis created the Dark Hunters to hunt and kill the Apollites when they become Daimons.

Unlike other Dark Hunters, Wulf is not impotent. Artemis uses this when she puts Wulf and Cassandra into each other’s dreams, where the pair have sex as planned. Cassandra becomes pregnant, which ties Wulf to her children as her 27th birthday approaches rapidly.

Artemis intervenes because a group of Daimons are hunting Cassandra, and have killed the rest of her family. Stryker has teamed up with the Destroyer, and attacks Cassandra a number of times in an attempt to the Apollites from the curse.

This is one of the more confusing books within the Dark Hunter series, and going over my review makes me realize just how confused I am. It’s a good story, but not one of my favourites.