Overall review: 4/5

When I first heard that Beauty and the Beast was being remade: I squealed like a little girl and marked the day on my calendar. I’m sure it comes as no shock that the Disney princess who was also a bookworm was one of my favourites, and I was eager to see what a life action would do to the tale as old as time.

Keeping true to the 1991 original, leading lady, Belle (Emma Watson), does not fit into the small town where she lives with her father (Kevin Kline) and dreams of adventure. While many of the girls in town would rather swoon over Gaston (Luke Evans), the town hunk/idiot, Belle would rather spend her time with her nose stuck in a book.

Short ways away from the village is a castle with a cursed placed upon it, which Belle’s father stumbles upon on his way to the market and attempts to steal a rose. Prince Adam (Dan Stevens), who has been transformed into a Beast as punishment for turning a sorceress away because she was ugly, locks Belle’s father up for stealing and only sets him free when Belle takes her father’s place. The Beast’s servants, who are cursed along with Prince Adam, see Belle as a means of breaking the curse, because only true love can break the curse placed on the palace.

Ultimately, Belle does get the adventure that she yearned for and becomes a princess in the process. The Beast falls in love with Belle, and releases her to rescue her father from the townspeople who believe he is mad.

While the original will always be one of my favourite films, the remake of Beauty and the Beast is amazing. It made Belle into the badass I wish she was in the original, and filled in any of the holes that young me pointed out. Being able to see Beauty and the Beast in theatres was amazing, and I even had the pleasure of sitting beside a little girl dressed as Belle for the movie.