nightOverall rating: 4/5

Back at it again with Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series, and onto my favourite one (so far). Night Play follows Bride McTierney, a New Orleans native and friend of Tabitha Devereaux, after the break up of a pretty bad relationship to when she crosses paths with a were-hunter by the name of Vane Kattalakis. While Vane is not a dark hunter, and Bride is just a human, both of their stories have woven through previous books, and the pair pop up later on in the series.

In true fashion of hunters, Vane is drop dead gorgeous and lethal as hell. The beginning of the books finds him tied up in a tree with his brother, Fang, by their father after the death of their sister, Anya, and a group of Daimons almost manage to kill them. The brothers escape, but not before the daimons bite Fang and steal enough of him to send him into a comatose state.

Months later, the day that Bride’s long term boyfriend breaks up with her, Vane and Bride officially meet for the first time. While neither of them is looking for a relationship, the fates had other thoughts in mind and the mating mark appears after they sleep together. Bride and Vane have three weeks to become mates, or Vane with be impotent until the day Bride dies.

As a human, and a larger woman, Bride is very skeptical when Vane attempts to court her. She has no knowledge of Vane’s world, and only learns of it when Vane’s mother, Bryani, had her kidnapped. Bryani kidnaps Bride to try to prevent Vane from raping her as Vane’s father, Marcus, did to her when she was kidnapped by him and some of his pack members.

After lots and lots of drama, in true Kenyon form, Bride accepts Vane as her mate. The pair complete the mating ritual, and the book ends with Vane asking Bride to marry him. As one of my favourite books, I enjoyed the reality that Bride brought to the series. This wasn’t a story of two gorgeous people falling in love,  this story was about two people accepting each other regardless of their appearances.