414HFXkeKLL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Overall rating: 4/5

While this has been my (final) exam season of my undergrad, I took breaks to read and managed to finish two books! This one was particularly interesting to me, because I had never read Hope Adams’ story before. She had popped up in other books I’ve read from the series, but I’d never read a book that focused on her primarily.

Hope is an Expisco half-demon, which means she can detect chaos and have visions of chaos, and works for a trashy newspaper. She works for the interracial council, and has a debt with the Cabal Cortex. The head of the Cortez Cabal, Benicio, reaches out to Hope to pay her debt: he wants her to infiltrate a Maimi supernatural gang, find out what they are saying about the Cabal, and her debt is paid.

Seems easy enough, and Hope accepts after she consults Benicio’s son, Lucas, and his wife, Paige Winterbourne. She goes to Maimi without discussing the debt with her ex-partner and werewolf, Karl Marsten, and manages to join the gang. Karl finds out, and attempts to make Hope stop the infiltration as she grows closer to a member. She refuses, and attempts to finish the job.

This book was the first one that really surprised me with the twist, and I was very impressed. The end is in site for this series, and I am determined to read it the whole way!