6590035.jpgOverall rating: 3/5

Another book down in the Dark Hunter series, this one following Tabitha Devereaux and Valerius Magnus, and brought back an old nemesis of Tabitha’s sister, Amanda Hunter, and her husband and former Dark Hunter, Kyrian. The unlikely pair, and not just because Kyrian hates Valerius, join forces to fight Daimons in New Orleans, and fall in love in the process.

The Spathi Daimons run a muck throughout this book, and a couple of characters die as a result. The readers find out some important information about Ash, which very few characters know, and Artemis was kinda nice.  Kinda.

I enjoy Tabitha, because she’s not like many of the other women characters. She taught herself how to fight the Daimons, and goes out of her way to help others. While the other characters have been strong willed and brave, Tabitha can fight alongside the Hunters and refuses to accept that she cannot help. She’s painfully blunt, and tries not to take things too seriously. She proves to be Valerius’ equal on and off the battle field, and evens him out as he evens her out.

It was around this book the first time around that I realized that Artemis was losing Dark Hunter fast, and she wasn’t really replacing them. Of the ones she had lost, the readers only learned about one that had been born a Hunter and he wasn’t suppose to. This book was a little refreshing, because it didn’t follow the regular tope of Kenyon’s previous books: woman spurned by man, she meets Hunter, they run into man who spurned her, and she comes off as much better with Hunter and not other dude.