Scarlet_(Official_Book_Cover)_by_Marissa_MeyerOverall rating: 4/5

I was very excited to start readin this book, because I love when fairy tales are reimagined and I really enjoyed Cinder. Scarlet did not disappoint, and introduced one of my favourite aspects to any supernatural series: werewolves.

After being arrested for being the escaped Princess Selen from Luna, Linh Cinder escapes and looks for answers. With the help of fellow prisoner, Carswell Thorne, Cinder searches for Michelle Benoit, a former pilot who helped Cinder escape Luna, who has been kidnapped by the loyal subjects of the Luna Queen.

Michelle’s granddaughter, Scarlet, has been attempting to find her grandmother for almost two weeks, and has no leads until she finds her estranged father looking for something. He admits to having seen Scarlet’s grandmother, and that she was being held against her will. After a street fighter named Wolf admits to being a part of the group who kidnapped her Grandmother, Scarlet heads to Paris in hopes of finding her Grandmother.

Once in Paris, Wolf brings Scarlet to his pack and betrays her and admits to being a Luna Special Operative sent to kidnap Scarlet and her Grandmother. Wolf’s pack manipulate Scarlet into telling them everything she knows about her Grandmother’s involvement in the escape of princess Selene, and is imprisoned.

Cinder and Thorne track Michelle Benoit to her farm, and are told by one of Scarlet’s friends that she left for Paris. They track her down as she is attempting to escape from Wolf’s pack, during an attack by the Lunda Special Operatives all over the world, and bring her and Wolf onto their ship before they escape. In order to stop the attacks, Emperior Kai accepts a marriage proposal from Queen Levana, and plans her coronation for immediatly after the wedding ceremony.