6381724Overall rating: 3/5

This book was a little different than other books in Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series, but I did enjoy it quite a bit. Instead of being in the first person of a supernatural woman, this book changed perspectives with each chapter and Hope Adams was the only character we had met previously who had chapters.

Robyn Peltier, a PR rep and a very human friend of Hope trying to deal with the death of her husband, is the focus of this book. When her client is killed by a girl named Adele Morrisey, a clairvoyant attempting to escape a commune for this supernatural race, Robyn is brought into the supernatural world with a deadly mark on her head.

Robyn becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her client, and dead bodies continue to follow her as Adele tries to eliminate the threat she believes Robyn poses to her. Hope and Karl Marsten, Hope’s boyfriend and a pack member, attempt to help Robyn, and run interference with the supernatural world. They tell Robyn only as much as she has to know to understand the danger she is in, and the trio uses the help of a necromancer detective and another clairvoyant to bring Adele to justice.

I really enjoyed this book because of  Adele, and learning about clairyvoants in this universe. They are a rare race of supernaturals, and are in high demand for the Cabals. The irony surrounding Adele and the Cabal made me laugh the first time I read this book, and explained the measures these Cabals are willing to go to to get a rare supernatural on their payroll.