Overall rating: 3/5

While I love Danger as a character, her book was a forgettable one for me and I had completely forgot the plottwist at the end. This book introduced even more Dark Hunters I’m eager to read about, but I was kinda glad when I finished this book for the second time.

When a uprising occurs among the Dark Hunters located in Mississipi, Acheron sends in the Alexion to judge which Hunters can and cannot be saved. He stays with the Hunter who asked for his help, Dangereuse St. Richard, as she questioned the uprising when she was approached by another Hunter, Kyros, determined to attack Acheron, and didn’t believe him when he claimed that Acheron was a Daimon sending the Hunters against his own kind.

The Alexion, a former Dark Hunter named Ias and a Shade, gave the Hunters their out clause, and is a legend among Hunters. He was among the first Dark Hunters, and became a Shade when his wife dropped the madillion that held his soul. He lives with Acheron, and only has a human body when an uprising occurs and his judgement is needed.

Along with Danger, the Alexion attempts to sway the Mississipi Hunters from believing Kyros and Stryker, a Daimon with a vendetta against Acheron, although Alexion isn’t the best at approaching the Hunters. While on this mission, Danger and Alexion grow closer

While on this mission, Danger and Alexion grow closer and finally admit that they love one another. Their relationship is doomed from the beginning, as Dark Hunters cannot have long term relationships and Alexion must return to Acheron’s home once his judgement is handed out. Unbeknownest to the pair, Danger’s life as a Dark Hunter is dangerously close to its end and there is nothing Alexion can do about it.

I won’t say anymore about their story, as I do not want to ruin the plot twist at the end!