The first memory I have of enjoying reading was around the third grade, but it’s in large thanks to my Mother. She always read to us when my brothers and I were children, and it began my love of books and stories. My first real memories that includes my family are when she read the Harry Potter books to us, and us begging her to read another chapter when it was well past out bedtimes.

When I was in College for Journalism and Broadcasting, my teacher introduced us to blogging in our third year. I realized quickly that I could combine my two passions by creating a blog where I could write about books. As I continue my education into University, it introduces me to new concepts and ideas that I can introduce to my blog. (During the school year, I do lack on reading as I do have a lot of homework and can’t always get around to reviewing my books. I apologize!)

At the time I created this blog, I chose the name to pay homage to my College’s newspaper, The Chronicle, and bringing myself into the title as a bookworm was the only title kids in high school called me as it was the best way to describe me. The name of my blog is my way of embracing a title I was given that was meant as an insult in high school, and thanking the teachers that introduced me to passions I can’t imagine living without.

This blog is my way of bringing my friends, and followers, through my many journeys through books, movies, television shows and anything else that once had anything to do with books that I can get my hands on.

Feel free to take a look at ‘Book suggestions’ and suggest any books that you want to see reviewed, as I do have a very long list of books to read and may have missed a couple.

Happy reading, fellow Bookworms.