Friends Of The Blog: This page is dedicated to people who’s blogs I follow, and enjoy reading posts from them. The topics will range randomly, as some friends blog about being young mom’s and others blog about books and others blog about ‘nerd’ topics. Take a look at them if you get the chance, and comment if you’d like to be included in the page.

Nerd Life : A blog run by fellow College buddy, Derek, where he keeps readers up  to date with nerd news weekly and reviews wrestling, anime, and anything else nerd related.

Misfit Matriarch : A blog also run by a College buddy, Hilary shares her journeys in parenting her amazing daughter, Patience, and shares her just amazing badassery while living in a large city.

Smashed Phoenix :  Another blog run by a College friend, Ashley, as she wades the waters of parenthood, and everyday life.

Contemplate & Communicate : Jessica’s blog covers almost everything, as she’s always looking for new avenues to continue posting. Book reviews, DIY projects, poems, testing recipes are just to name a few of what she writes about and there’s no stopping her.