Hurricane Katrina wrecked havoc on New Orleans in 2005, and for Captain Patti O’Shay it’s also linked to the death of her husband, Sammy. Just after Katrina tore through New Orleans, Patti also got a case that was discovered in a refrigerator wasteland. The workers found six female hands in an abandoned refrigerator, and the killer was nicknamed the ‘Handyman.’985229

Fast forward to a couple of years later, the Handyman is still at large and the city is attempting to pull it’s self up by it’s boot straps. When a female victim surfaces without a hand, the investigation into the Handyman seems to have caught a break. The crime scene also proves to have a connection with Sammy, which prompts Patti to dig deeper into the investigation in hopes of finding Sammy’s killer.

During the investigation, Patti, along with her nephew, Spencer Malone, come across a murder that connects to a stripper by the name of Yvette Borger. Yvette quickly becomes involved with the Handyman case, even though Spencer and Patti have a had time believing her after they caught her in a couple of lies.

After a couple of murders prove Yvette’s lies to be true, Patti takes the girl under her wing and offers her protection to try and get Sammy’s killer. After a bit of a goose chase, Patti and Yvette track down the Handyman, aka the Artist who was stlaking Yvette, and managed to save a couple of women who got caught up with the Handyman and manage to capture the Handyman.

This book really opened my eyes to Hurricane Katrina, and the destruction that the hurricane caused. I’d realized it had been extensive, but hadn’t really been able to figure out a way that the city would be able to come back.